Uttam Premium Quality Fish Feed

Feed Code Size (mm) %Protein Best For
Starter Turbo 1.8 mm 32% IMC for fattening,

Poly culture

Grower 2 mm 28% Poly culture &


Finisher 2.2mm 24% IMC Feeding


Uttam Premium Quality Fish Feed – Elevating Aquaculture Excellence

we understand the unique requirements of aquaculture, especially when it comes to high-stocking fish culture. That’s why we’ve developed our premium quality fish feed, specially designed for species such as Pangasius, Rohu, Catla, and other omnivorous fish.
Our goal is simple yet crucial to help you achieve Faster Growth, better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), improved survival rates, and ultimately, higher production yields.
Key Features:
1. Tailored Nutrition: Uttam premium fish feed is formulated with precision to meet the dietary needs of omnivorous fish species. Our advanced nutritional blend ensures that your fish receives the right balance of essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals for optimal growth and health.
2. Enhanced Growth: With Uttam fish feed, you can expect accelerated growth rates in your fish population. This leads to quicker turnover and increased production capacity, ultimately maximizing your profitability.
3. Improved FCR: Our feed is engineered to promote efficient feed utilization, resulting in a better Feed Conversion Ratio. This means that more of the feed your fish consume is converted into valuable biomass, reducing feed wastage and operational costs.
4. Survival Rate: Uttam understands the challenges associated with high stocking fish culture. Our feed is designed to enhance the resilience of your fish, leading to higher survival rates even in densely populated aquatic environments.
5. Proven Results: Uttam premium quality fish feed has been trusted by aquaculturists and fish farmers around the world. Our product has a track record of delivering outstanding results, backed by rigorous quality control measures.

Choose Uttam for Excellence in Aquaculture:
When you choose Uttam premium quality fish feed, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to the success of your aquaculture venture. We are committed to providing the highest standards of nutrition and performance for your fish. With Uttam, you can expect healthier, faster-growing fish, improved operational efficiency, and ultimately, greater profitability.

Explore our range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of different fish species, and experience the Uttam difference in aquaculture excellence.