Tru Protein Vannamei Feed

Feed Code Size (mm) %Protein Best For
Starter Turbo 1.8 mm 32% IMC for fattening,

Poly culture

Grower 2 mm 28% Poly culture &


Finisher 2.2mm 24% IMC Feeding


Tru Protein Vannamei Feed: Unlocking Vannamei Shrimp Aquaculture Potential.

At VSF, we’re excited to introduce our specialized Tru Protein Vannamei Feed, tailored to enhance the performance and profitability of Vannamei shrimp aquaculture. Whether you’re a seasoned shrimp farmer or just starting, our feed is designed to help you achieve outstanding results in terms of growth, health, and yield.

Key Advantages:

  1. Vannamei Shrimp Optimization: Our Tru Protein Vannamei Feed is meticulously formulated to meet the unique dietary requirements of Vannamei shrimp. It’s packed with essential nutrients, proteins, and minerals to ensure your shrimp thrive and flourish.
  2. Maximized Growth: Experience rapid and consistent growth in your Vannamei shrimp population with our feed. Faster growth means shorter production cycles and increased overall output.
  3. Healthy Shrimp, Healthy Profits: Our feed is not just about growth; it’s about the health and vitality of your shrimp. Healthy shrimp are more resilient to diseases, resulting in lower mortality rates and better returns on your investment.
  4. Efficient Feed Conversion: We understand the importance of efficient feed utilization. Our feed is designed to optimize feed conversion, reducing waste and lowering operational costs.
  5. Proven Excellence: The Tru Protein Vannamei Feed has a track record of excellence in Vannamei shrimp aquaculture. It’s trusted by shrimp farmers worldwide and has consistently delivered remarkable results.

Choose Tru Protein for Vannamei Shrimp Success:

When you choose Tru-Protein Vannamei Feed, you’re choosing a partner committed to the success of your Vannamei shrimp farming venture. Our feed is a result of extensive research and development, ensuring that you get the best possible results.